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Mon, 31 Jul 2023 11:01:40 +0200

Ursula Sabisch>

That German language document you may find here!


Dear Mr .., Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Psychiatric Service,    

Enclosed my person again sends a document listed below as an offer in the matter, though it is time limited.     Apparently you and others are not able to perceive your superiors, which is very unfortunate.  My person has counted on the intelligence also of other people and has also therefore ventured so far! You and others are to be pitied, if you are not able to classify yourselves properly or to subordinate yourselves and not to be able to get involved in the situation given to all of us!  

Thus you all should remember: If my person expects a truthful answer to a polite inquiry, then you and others have to act accordingly properly or to justify why you cannot answer. My person assumes that the Cudgel of mine will also retroactively provide clarification, but unfortunately the matter cannot wait any longer for you and others!  Please ensure that my person receives all travel documents for Moscow, whereby a valid passport of my person is available.  Naturally, the entire cost of this trip will be borne by the treasury!  Of course, my person has something more in the luggage than just the presence under a networked surveillance system in Moscow!  

With kind regards   

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: Just because my person will be INKOGNITO on the way, it does not mean for people with intellect that my person is a private person, but on the contrary a true Empress, you fools!    



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A flight to Moscow to the city with all the necessary travel documents (valid passport available) and with all the necessary hotel bookings would be possible for my person for a few days as a tourist, if you will provide for the procurement of travel documents (visa) to Moscow and the cost of the entire trip will bear the treasury!

Mrs. A. Merkel, Chancellor off duty and Mr. G. Schroeder, Chancellor off duty should pay a visit to President V. Putin in advance in the Kremlin, or at the same time with the city trip of my person, in that an appointment with President V. Putin should be arranged, in order to inform him personally about the reality and the situation of the world. Also president W. Selenskyj should be informed immediately and personally about the actual situation of the world truthfully!

The wars in the world must be ended all, which must not be shouted from the rooftops by use of the new war film archive necessarily via TV, but should get around speedily and worldwide! That must be regulated nevertheless for the time being without activation of the Cudgel of my person from man to man!

Please see for this: Diktat Peace (

Mount Olympus (

Luebeck, 15./16. Feb. 2023