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Re: matter and order

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 10:30:14 +0200

Ursula Sabisch>

That German language document you may find here!

Hello Mr. H. .....,

My person hopes that you are well and only on the go in the matter.

This below unanswered request I have to send again, because it can not be a private matter! The most important thing always comes at the end, these are now once the laws of nature and so I hope for an early message from you or from your office. By the way, it is the express wish of my person that all citizens of Luebeck are sent via the worldwide transmitter, because there was more than enough time for a clear testimony in the matter to be able to become active.

Now this testimony must be forced; also a law of nature, which everyone, particularly probably each German, should remember! This is certainly not nice and this was not planned at the beginning, at least not by my person, but the things change quite obviously with the available time!

Thus I wait again for an answer to the question of my person.


Ursula Sabisch


HP: My person found a blue* (gray)* cudgel with the inscription "arbitration device" yesterday while cleaning up in the garden. Today I will it make work as already done with other wooden cudgels!

If all my orders and commands for Luebeck and surroundings are not obeyed, then the "blue helmets" must be brought into the arena!

17.October 2023 translation improved.


On 20/07/2023 at 12:34 Ursula Sabisch wrote:

Hello Mr. H ...,

Thank you very much for your positive reply; you always make me laugh!

Actually, it is high time to live and rule according to status as the wearers of the worldwide Crown. This also means to travel abroad "INCOGNITO" as the Empress, to become resident as the King and as the Emperor in at least one magnificent Castle or as the Empress in a splendid villa and at least first to become known and active throughout Europe for the time being.

After all, it cannot be that we should be "secret crown bearers", because we would certainly not participate in such nonsense.  .............

........... ....................... ..............................

17 October 2023* Document supplemented!* 

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